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Private home, The Hague, 2016

The challenge was to design an apartment bought off-plan, two years before construction commenced. The client's desires to  bring nature inside the apartment had to be realised within the strict requirement specification plan from the promoters. Lengthly consultations took place with the prescribed contractors to fulfil all obligations.

We were in charge of the design while the realisation of the work was taken care of by the client's contractors.

The new apartment building has found its place in a large bowl-like green space, hidden in between the Duyndoorn dunes and a beautiful existing 1900's villa, which shelters it from the busy street. The building is surrounded by greenery where you hear only birds singing and the rustling on leaves in the trees. 

Built as a modern comfort oasis on a classic environment, the architect aimed to translate the feeling of freedom by bringing nature inside the building as much as possible.

This 140 m2 apartment is situated on the corner of the building, resulting in a large terrace which embraces the whole apartment.

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