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Fees ex VAT of the interior architect
 3 options

1. Percentage of the execution costs


 1st advice meeting: Free


W: estimated amount of work                 %: percentage of fees                           H: fees
(W) ................ € X .............% = (H) ................... € Excluding Taxes


The fees, calculated on the estimated work at the date of the contract, will be:

readjusted on the basis of the budget estimate established at the end of the APD phase.
readjusted at the end of the work consultations according to the price of work commissioned by the customer.
regularized at the end of work execution according to the total and final amount of the work done.


A. Conception

Preliminary study proposing a conceptual approach defining the outline of the design. It includes outlook sketches, a work file allowing a rough estimate of the work.

 First outline (EQS)- 10%, Preliminary design (APS) :15%


Price estimate for conception phase :

900 to 4000 euros EX VAT depending on the surface and complexity. May be integrated in the fees of the global mission, thus integrated in the package of the 3 phases of the project


B. Design and preparation work

Detailed study proposing plan, sections and elevations.

A description by profession, materials, product references, colours, activities to be carried out.

Step required to launch tenders with contractors.

Definitive design (APD),  Outline of the definitive design (PCG) - 15%

Preparation of a dossier of contractors'offers' (DCE) - 20%

Assistance in selecting contractors (AMT) - 5%


Price estimate for the design and preparation work phase :

3000 to 25000 euros EX VAT
according to the surface and complexity. May be integrated in the fees of the global mission, thus integrated in the package of the 3 phases of the project.

C. Monitoring of work execution

Coordination and follow-up of the various stages of the construction site until the acceptance of the work.

Supervising the execution of the work (DET) 30%

Support in delivery and acceptance (AOR) 5%


The total fees are between 12 and 15% of the amount of the work excluding taxes depending on the surface and the complexity of the volumes.

These fees are defined at the signature of the contract of project.

2. Hourly rates


1st advice meeting: Free


Hourly rate EX VAT: 100 euros/Hour

½ day (4h): 360 euros EX VAT

Full day (8h): 720 euros EX VAT



3. Firm fixed price


1st advice meeting: Free


We choose for this option when the project, the detailed work and the costs can be precisely defined in advance.

The amount is initially agreed between both parties, the customer and the interior architect.

The firm fixed price may be readjusted during the process due to changes requested by the customer or due to technical events that could not be foreseen.

In case of modification of the design, the fees will be re-evaluated by the parties in an amendment.

The firm fixed price includes risks provisions. 


Firm fixed price agreed between both parties

Firm fixed price EX VAT …………………. Euros


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